Monday, February 28, 2005
According to this post at Little Green Footballs they are. The underlying post seems more concerned about the subject of indoctrination - Islamic teachings - rather than the indoctrination itself. I am more concerned by the later regardless of the subject matter. Islam, absent the misguided/disturbed interpretations it is given by certain sects, is a fine religion. Frankly, it is much more accepting of other faiths than Christianity or Judaism.

But there are two issues here. First, where is the outrage from the left about religion being taught in public schools? I mean come on - this isn't a simple sticker noting that evolution is a theory - this appears to be out and out religious indoctrination in a public school. And the fact it is a minority religion shouldn't alter the calculus for the groups that take a very strict separation of church and state view of things. So I fully expect them to voice their outrage at this in the near future (but I won't be holding my breath).

Second, indoctrination, regardless of subject matter, is just bad. Whatever happened to teaching students to think critically? That is what school should really be about. Anyone can run a google search (or back in my day - go to the encyclopedias) and find out facts and information. But the ability to think critically for oneself is apparently somewhat of a rarity (or at least that is the justification that law firms must use to convince our clients to pay our fees, since that is the essence of what lawyers do). Pushing an agenda, regardless of what that agenda is, will never work in the end.

If what is asserted to be occurring in Scottsdale is actually occurring it is just a flawed plan anyway. Teach our kids to be sheep, and they will end up following the flock, i.e., the majority view, not the minority viewpoint you try to indoctrinate them with - that will quickly be forgotten when they move on to the next grade, or next school, etc. Teach them to think critically, and perhaps they will eventually convince the rest of the flock that there is a better way, or at least not accept the majority view without questioning it first. And that is probably what these teachers/administrators want to do anyway.
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