Tuesday, February 15, 2005
From my crystal ball....
The NHL season will be saved when the NHL and NHLPA agree in principle to a $45.75 million dollar salary cap system.... Currently the NHL proposed a $42.5 million dollar cap. The NHLPA rejected that offer and countered with a $49 million dollar cap as reported here from ESPN.

It doesn't take a genius to do the math. And even if the NHL pulls some stupid move like refusing to raise their $42.5 million offer, I fully expect the NHLPA will propose the middle number. If the NHL refuses that then they are the bad guys, and the NHLPA will when the support of the hockey public, and perhaps more importantly the National Labor Relations Board.

But it won't get to the NLRB unless Betteman is more of a moron than even I think he is - this thing will settle somewhere around the $45-46 million dollar cap figure. It is only a matter of time (hours!) now....

Gentlemen, start your Zambonis.....

Update: I am not the only one that thinks this is the magic number, so does ESPN's EJ Hradek.

Update redux: It is official, they are all idiots.... According to this article it appears that both sides may have agreed to my 45-46 million dollar proposal if either one of them had made it.... Hubris killed the NHL. Both Betteman and Goodenow should be fired immediately.
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