Thursday, February 17, 2005
Apparently Gretzky and Lemieux (Mario, not Claude obviously) have entered the picture and are trying to resurrect the season. For some reason these two think it was crazy and stupid for the season to be cancelled (shocking I know)....

As I wrote about earlier (the update at the bottom), yesterday both sides seemed to suggest that they would have agreed to the 45 million dollar cap number, but neither was willing to propose it. That still seems to be the situation now. The NHL earlier stated they would be happy to take a call from the NHLPA, and E J Hradek on ESPNEWS stated that neither side wants to make the 45 million dollar offer unless they know the other will accept it.

WHY?!?! Regardless of what the other side does, the party that offers the 45 million dollar cap first ends up the winner. If the other side accepts it, you were the one that set aside your pride to make the move that saved the season. If the other side rejects it, you were the reasonable party that breached the divide, and the other side was unreasonable and unwilling to budge to save the season. It is a win-win.

Clearly no one involved was a litigator, and certainly not a good negotiator. This deal should have been made about 6 months ago.

Edit: the story originated at The Hockey News - they do great work and deserve the credit.
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