Monday, February 14, 2005
ASmallVictory links to a couple of articles that state the NHL season will official be no mas this Wednesday barring some miracle (no pun intended).

I would state whether I think the players or owners are to blame, but I will join my blogging brethren at in mourning and leave the blame game till later.... Especially since there is more than enough blame to go around.... And especially since the Yahoo article that is linked does a good job of discussing this issue.


All is not lost according to many reports, including this one from ESPN. The NHLPA offere a proposal that included a salary cap, the one thing they have said all along they would never accept. The NHL refused their proposal, but the sides are now only going to debate money, not cap v. no-cap so hopefully they can work it out. The sides are only 12 million apart in the per team cap with NHLPA's offer of 52 million and the last NHL offer having a $40 million cap.

If they can't bridge that gap, then I propose they handle it like this.
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