Saturday, February 26, 2005
Via The Art of the Blog, the Denver Post is reporting that University of Colorado officials are considering paying off Churchill. Why? I would just fire him for cause stating he committed fraud in order to get the tenured position, and further appears to have committed repeated copyright infringement for his tracings, err drawings, that he has sold as "originals."

Sure he would sue, but I am sure the University of Colorado can afford the litigation. And sure the ACLU or some similar group would represent Churchill for free, but when they lose you have now avoided future extortion situations such as this one (hint, hint, ask for a jury trial Mr. or Ms. University General Counsel - I am sure they will love the part where Churchill compares the 9-11 victims to Nazis - and I am sure that won't affect the jury's decision making process at all...).

The University of Colorado only hired this guy because they had a complete breakdown in process caused primarily by irrational fear - they should learn from that mistake - and not act out of fear again by rewarding this guy for defrauding them in the first place.
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