Tuesday, March 01, 2005
The Daily Kos makes a mountain of what could hardly even be called a molehill by claiming Novak misquoted Howard Dean on CNN. Essentially Dean stated that benefits under the current Social Security system - without reform - would eventually be reduced to 80% of current levels. Novak attempted to read this quote and said that Dean said under the current system they would be reduced 80%. Clearly Novak just misspoke and, frankly, anyone with a brain would realize that. No one has asserted benefits would be reduced by 80%, rather the most widely-accepted number is that they would be reduced 30% to 70% of current levels (so really Dean was a bit untruthful with his 80% number to begin with, but I digress).

Instead of realizing that Novak simply misspoke, The Daily Kos goes through a painfully prolonged process of analyzing the math of Dean's statement and what Novak stated. It is a pretty hilarious read, albeit unintentionally humorous. Check it out here.
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