Friday, March 25, 2005
According to CNN:
PINELLAS PARK, Florida (CNN) -- A Florida state judge will rule by noon Saturday on a motion filed by Terri Schiavo's parents, who contend that their brain-damaged daughter has expressed the wish to live.

"She managed to articulate the first two vowel sounds, first articulating AHHHHHHH and then virtually screaming WAAAAAAAA," the motion said.

The incident happened in the presence of Schiavo's sister, Suzanne Vitadamo, and an aunt, the motion said.

It is too bad no unbiased observers were around for this.... Of course, "Ahhhh Waaaa" could be an expression of the wish to die too - who knows what that means? (assuming it happened, which I feel pretty comfortable in believing is an incorrect assumption).

Update: I was probably wrong, well sort of. According to ABC:
Doctors who have examined her for the court case have said her previous utterances weren't speech, but were involuntary moans consistent with someone in a vegetative state. Greer, who had ordered the tube removed, ended a hearing later Friday; he was expected to announce a decision by noon Saturday.
So she probably did make the sounds, they just don't mean anything.
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