Monday, March 07, 2005
Apparently Mr. Bolton is a harsh critic of the U.N. And based on that fact alone, I think it is a good selection. The U.S. needs a pitbull at the U.N. right now because, in my opinion, the U.N. is at risk of becoming a completely meaningless institution.

Update: The Nation asks: "But what message does it convey to the U.N. and the world to send to the U.N. a fellow who has essentially called for total defunding of the institution?"

It should say "shape up or ship out," the U.N. is a joke right now (worse than a joke really, a really poorly told joke perhaps). Not only is there mass corruption in the oil-for-food program scandal, the U.N. is unable to do anything about genocide occurring in Darfur, and the U.N.'s own troops are committing barbarous acts including child prostitution and possibly rape in Congo and other African nations.

With a record like that, who needs despots?
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