Sunday, March 20, 2005
The BBC has the story. One of the proposals will be an expansion to the security council, although apparently no new vetoes will be included with those new seats. I have a better idea, how about we first expand who pays for the U.N. seeing as how the U.S. foots over a quarter of the U.N.'s costs (when you factor in all operations).

Kofi Annan's proposals also include not allowing member-nations who are violating human rights to serve on the human rights committee. Wow, what a stroke of genius. Finally, a human rights committee that is not a complete farce perhaps. That this is considered a major reform simply serves to highlight why the U.N. is largely a joke, and also how meaningless it really is in the international picture.

Although that said, I tend to agree with Richard Holbrooke who has said: "Without us the UN will fail. And if it fails, we will be among the many losers." I think the U.N. does serve a useful purpose for the U.S., but at the same time it could serve that same purpose at about a fifth of the size and a fifth of the cost. Also, even if the U.N. failed, the U.S. may lose something, but not very much really. NATO could serve most of the purposes that the U.N. serves as far as the U.S. interests are concerned. But the U.N. is still somewhat useful. And if properly run and reformed it could be very useful. Hopefully the next Secretary-General exerts more control over the organization, and is more concerned with making the U.N. a good organization rather than being concerned with being personally well-liked.
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