Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Via Instapundit, Roger Simon has a good commentary on the second interim Volcker report. Here is my take based on his commentary - including reasonable inferences from facts disclosed in the report: it is clear there was very significant corruption at the U.N.; it is clear that Kojo Annan is clearly guilty of wrongdoing; and it is clear that Kofi Annan is at best covering up for his son - more likely he was also involved in the wrongdoing at least to some extent.

The U.N. needs very significant reform, it needs a house cleaning of leadership, and even with that the U.N. still might not be saved. The first step is pretty clear though - Kofi Annan has to go. The U.N. will continue to be a joke so long as he is in charge.

Update: Via Powerline, Kofi Annan responded "hell no," today when asked if he would resign. That seems a bit defensive to me. As Powerline notes, this is good news for those who are neither Kofi nor U.N. fans -- they will just keep sinking to the bottom together.
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