Saturday, March 05, 2005
According to this editorial in the Washington Post, one of the wealthiest tribes in the country (thanks to their very successful Michigan casino), was able to get $3 million dollars from the federal government to build a new school - money that could have gone to help repair dilapidated schools for truly needy tribes.

Who pushed for this funding you might ask? Senator Conrad Burns, a republican from Montana who - I am sure completely coincidentally - received a major supply of campaign contributions from Jack Abramoff the tribe's lobbyist.

Nice to see our government in action. Good thing we have the McCain-Feingold law to help crack down on bloggers who are the ones really corrupting the system....

I propose this legislation: if you, your lobbyist, or anyone affiliated with you or your company or group, etc., donates any money - directly or indirectly - to an elected official, or his or her campaign, they cannot vote on any legislation that would benefit you, your company, etc. (or pressure any government official to implement policy or allocate funds that would have the same effect).

Sure this would be a bit complex to regulate initially, but I am sure we could figure out away.
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