Monday, March 14, 2005
The BBC is reporting that at least half a million anti-Syrian protestors turned out in Beirut today.

I think this answers the questions some posed after the Hezbollah-organized pro-Syrian rallies of recent days -- yes, most Lebanese do want Syria to leave Lebanon.

A couple of choice quotes:
"They are challenging us, and we are here to show them that we will not accept," AP quoted 32-year-old banker Farid Samaha as saying. "We are determined to liberate our country and we will not stop."
"We are coming to liberate our country. We are coming to demand the truth," Fatma Trad, a Sunni from the northern area of Dinniyeh, told The Associated Press

There is nothing like the smell of freedom in the morning.

Update: Instapundit sources are approximating the number of Anti-Syrian protestors at about 1.3 million -- in a nation of about 3.8 million. Wow.

Update 2: Most reports have the number at between 800,000 to possibly a million, not quite as impressive as 1.3 million, but still around a quarter of the population of Lebanon (could that be right?) Wow is all I can say.

Update 3: has a good round-up on this rally too (I like to think of it as a rally rather than a protect - I am a glass hall-full kind of person).
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