Sunday, March 06, 2005
How credible is this story?
But in an interview with Italy's La 7 Television, the 56-year-old journalist said "there was no bright light, no signal."

And Italian magistrate Franco Ionta said Sgrena reported the incident was not at a checkpoint, but rather the shots came from "a patrol that shot as soon as they lit us up with a spotlight." (emphasis added).

Update: Another problem with Sgrena's story: Yesterday she said "Our vehicle was running at normal speed, which could not be misunderstood." See the quote here. Today she states: "Our car was driving slowly." According to CNN. Tomorrow she will probably say the car was stopped when it got shot at....

Update 2: Rightwing Nuthouse has a post on this that links to a Guardian story that states Sgrena told colleagues 300-400 shots were fired at the car. Rightwing Nuthouse then shows a picture of the car that appears in pretty good shape with no noticeable bullet holes at all - including no sign of any damage to the windshield. This suggests that the shots were fired at the engine block per standard practices, and that unfortunately one ricocheted through the engine block and struck the Italian Secret Service agent. And it also suggests that Sgrena's rendition of what occurred is not accurate.

Update 3: It turns out that car in the picture is not Sgrena's car - it is from footage taken when she was originally kidnapped (as best as I can tell at least). The AP used that footage with a report on the shooting that made it appear it was in fact the car from this incident - so that is why so many people have picked up on it - including me. So obviously I retract/correct Update 2. That is what we get for relying on MSM reporting!

I hope someone gets pictures of the car soon, that is obviously an important piece of evidence. But regardless, 300-400 rounds is obviously a major exaggeration (or outright lie) as no one could survive that.
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