Saturday, March 26, 2005
Via Drudge, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that on Tuesday the Volcker Commission will issue an interim report that states:
[Kofi] Annan would be faulted for not paying attention to conflicts of interest involving his son, Kojo, who used his father's name and position for personal gains while with Cotecna.

At the same time, the panel is expected to conclude there is no evidence Annan rigged the U.N.'s procurement system or exerted undue influence over contractors or ever sought financial benefits, said the Journal, quoting people familiar with report's conclusions.

Kofi's supporters were quick to misuse this information to proclaim:
Annan's new chief-of-staff, Mark Malloch Brown, had earlier told reporters, "We believe on Tuesday the secretary-general will be exonerated of any wrongdoing, but like you we have to wait for the report." But he said Annan's son had admitted that "he misled his father."
When a less than independent investigation simply states they can't find evidence you comitted a crime, that is a far cry from being "exonerated." Especially when it is clear a close family member financially benefited from the scandal - it doesn't take an unreasonable leap in logic to infer possible knowledge on the part of both family members.

Will see what happens with the non-U.N. led investigations.
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