Saturday, April 09, 2005
Via Powerline:

Yesterday Yale Law School grad ('00) Leah Mesfin wrote to alert us to this weekend's doings at the law school. Leah noted that she'd started reading us in connection with our coverage of the Republican convention this past September. She wrote:

Recently I got an invitation from the YLS to register for an upcoming conference at YLS called "The Constitution in 2020." Their plan is simple - they plan to congregate to produce a vision of what the Constitution should be for 2020 and then to collaborate on how to use their influence and judicial power to accomplish it. Their posts with their plans for the conference are here.

I wrote this because I thought you and the rest of your readers might be interested in knowing how these elitist moronic are conveniently drafting us a new Constitution since we're too dumb to govern ourselves. The posts and the whole project are so deeply offensive on a variety of different levels. Who do these people think that they are that they can effectively draft a new Constitution for the rest of America? They're a handful of elitist, unelected, out of touch, narcissistic, overpaid, underwriter, downright foolish liberal intellectuals that think they are more righteous than God, and therefore, by divine right, are the only ones worthy of the task.

Even if I agree with many of the values and principles of this movement, the anti-democratic way they are trying to push their agenda bothers me. Of course, given the idiocy of the way the Democratic party is run, and the fact that things like this just push more people to vote Republician, I am pretty sure this will backfire. And we will end up with a more and more extreme right-wing judiciary, and a correspondingly more conservative/traditionalist interpretation of the Constitution as the binding law.

There is much more to this post over at Powerline.
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